About the USBA

Our Mission & Guiding Principles

Ambassadors of the WorldThe mission of the United States Business Associates International is to originate, nurture and develop a strong and vibrant fellowship of like-minded individuals who appreciate the ever-expanding fabric of domestic and global diversity, enjoy spirited and intellectually challenging debate and discovery, and who harbor no personal or governmental preclusions against international travel.

Founders and History

Like many of America’s greatest institutions, the USBA’s roots extend to the British Isles, the ancestral homeland of our humble founders.  It was in those very environs, sometime during the early years of this century, that a small band of visionary individuals conceived of the USBA.  Guided by the spirits of their ancestors (and fortified with spirits of another kind), they hatched the scheme that, in time, became the USBA.

Building a Stronger USBA, Creating a Better World

Through a closely guarded and highly selective recruitment process (and occasional coercion), the USBA has grown steadily, but only slightly, over the years.  By design, the organization remains a small and tightly knit fellowship of individuals.  Selection as a Provisonal or Regular Associate is an honor bestowed only on individuals who are deemed to possess unique personal qualities and standards of conduct akin to those exemplified by our founders.

With this vision in mind, USBA Associates are rigorously assessed, dutifully commissioned, and exclusively entrusted to faithfully represent the mission, values and guiding principles of the USBA.

Please direct all inquiries, as appropriate, to our committees on Outreach, Membership or Global Engagement.  Be advised, however:  Given the volume of inquiries received by our staff, we cannot promise a prompt, personal or actual reply.  Thank you for your interest.